I once loved DIVI but I had to leave it

DIVI is quite a powerhouse multi-purpose theme with a page builder.  When I discovered it four years ago, I thought it was revolutionary. I had long used the Genesis Framework and thought this could give my clients a user interface they could better understand.  Too much of what I was doing in Genesis themes required coding by hand.  It was fine for me, but I needed a faster process.  I wanted a “drag and drop” interface. I knew Elegant Themes as a trusted provider.  I really thought I had figured out a new tool to make my life and my many clients lives better!

Boy, was I wrong. DIVI ending up being the biggest dud of all time for me.  I have a handful of clients still in DIVI, but when those websites are going to need an update, I’m getting them out of DIVI.  Here’s why:

  • It’s HEAVY.  Test any site in the DIVI theme on GTMetrix and you’ll see average to low performance scores.
  • It leaves shortcode everywhere.  If you want to change your theme, the shortcode is a pain to remove.
  • It’s hard to do anything outside of the template designs.  This drove me nuts.  I was so used to Genesis hooks and ways to change things the way I wanted.

In DIVI’s defense, I sort of got disillusioned early.  I might have figured out some ways around the issues I was having and learned to add my own code better.  I just didn’t have the patience or desire.  It was a bad relationship for me.  I went back to the framework I fell in love with,  Genesis. And then a dear friend (and WebCami Cafe regular) Ann Marie, told me about Beaver Builder.

Beaver Builder was what I was looking for all along.  DIVI just couldn’t compare.  The Beaver Builder plugin worked with Genesis themes and this was a great transition for me.

Here are a few things to consider when looking for a powerhouse theme to streamline your design process with:

  • Make sure you test your theme choices for speed
  • Make sure you know if shortcode is going to be an issue later
  • Make sure the builder feature makes you faster, not frustrated


Have or do you work with DIVI?  Do you love it? Do you hate it?  Share your thoughts with us on Facebook!

P.S. Tell DIVI it wasn’t ’em, it was me.

RESOURCES:  Chris Lema – If you use the Divi theme with WordPress, it better be forever


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