More proof that you should think twice before using DIVI

I recently blogged on why I don’t use DIVI and I hate to keep picking on it, BUT… I’m currently converting a DIVI site to a new theme and wanted to show you all what happened when I applied  a new theme to a DIVI site.  Shortcode EVERYWHERE.  This is a page after deactivating DIVI and activating Beaver Builder theme.

Shortcode leftovers after changing a site using DIVI to a new theme

This is enough for me to never use DIVI again for any client.  I will be cutting and pasting their content back into the Beaver Builder theme.  What are other reasons to skip DIVI?

  • It is over 26MB in code base.
  • There are tons of features you will never use

You want to design websites with redesigns in mind.  A large portion of my business comes from redesigns.  I keep my client for years and no one should be in the same website for more than 2-5 years.  Design trends change.  Technology changes.

DIVI is a forever theme and a theme I plan to avoid from here on out!

RESOURCES:  Ragerman – Divi Builder is Shit

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