Presentation: It's About Time

If you are a WordPress freelancer who struggles to manage your time, this presentation will help you develop a comprehensive time management system and put you in charge of your workdays.

Improving your time management can free up space for more work and revenue. It could also give you more time to spend outside work with family and friends, traveling, or simply enjoying downtime.

Time management tips presented here will help you:

Tip #1: Time block your work week in simple patterns for success

Tip #2: Develop a calendar that can manage both tasks and appointments

Tip #3: Borrow time when you need it the most

Tip #4: Track your progress to make adjustments

Tip #5: Find the right tools to manage your time effectively

Tip #6: Get through tough times in your life

This talk is perfect for freelancers who want to control their schedules so their clients don’t do it for them.

Presentation Slidedeck:

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My Time Tools

Google Calendar
Google Tasks
Google Docs
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Pomodoro Technique

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Uncle Rico's Time Machine (Napoleon Dynamite)

When the presentation is available online, I will share it here!


Thank you for your time!