Getting work done when you’re tired

Photo of a woman feeling tired at work

I’m exhausted. I have been for several weeks due to circumstances outside my control. However, I’m pushing through my tiredness every day. Maybe you are having difficulty getting to sleep or are tired, too. All of us have days when we feel unmotivated and out of sorts. You can’t go back to sleep when you…

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What I learned at WordCamp US 2022 (for my business)

I had two main objectives while I was attending WordCamp US this year. I was there to learn things for my clients, but I was also there to learn as a business owner. I’m happy to say the event was an excellent experience for both of my goals. In this blog post, I will share…

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Books I read this summer – 2022

Graphic for WebCami's Summer Reading List

Summer officially ends in mid-September, but we can all agree that our mindsets shift into Autumn mode when the clock strikes midnight on September 1st. I wanted to share the books I read this summer with you in case you needed something to start this Fall. I didn’t do traditional beach reading. I tend to…

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Reasons to start asking customers for feedback

5 stars

If there is one thing I wish I had started doing earlier, it’s asking clients for reviews. Some things that held me back included contemplating questions like, what if they weren’t happy? Or what if they felt I was bugging them? Since I’ve made asking for reviews part of my process, I can say it’s…

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Why I left BNI after more than a decade

In early May, I decided I needed to make a significant change in my life and leave my beloved BNI group. I had been a member of the organization for almost 12 years, and deciding to exit was difficult. I thought I would never leave as long as I was in business. BNI was one…

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