My Experience at WordCamp Vancouver 2023

A recap of my WordCamp Vancouver experience was postponed, as my husband and I tested positive for COVID shortly after our return from Canada. The past week has been filled with recovery. Despite the health setback, I wanted to share the exceptional event hosted by our northern WordPress community. Having previously attended larger events like…

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My Unforgettable Journey at WordCamp US 2023

On a water taxi at WordCamp US 2023

After a week of whirlwind experiences, I’ve finally arrived back in Seattle, resuming my spot behind my work computer. WordCamp US 2023 has left an indelible mark on me, from incredible moments to a few unexpected challenges. I’m excited to share the ups and downs, the insights gained, and the lessons learned during this remarkable…

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Essential Skills Every WordPress Solopreneur Should Master

As a one-woman show, I understand the joy and challenges of working as a freelancer in web design. While mastering WordPress and being comfortable with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript is crucial, many other skills I’ve found essential along my journey. Let me share some with you today. Understanding Search Engine Optimization (SEO) As a web…

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Be a Part of the WebCami Podcast

Microphone on stand. Podcast recording concept.

Hello, fellow WordPress enthusiasts. I’m Cami MacNamara, a WordPress Web Designer and host of the WebCami Podcast. Today, I am thrilled to invite you to contribute to my podcast, a project I am truly passionate about. If you haven’t listened yet, my podcast has a simple format. I read blog posts about WordPress, web design,…

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The hidden disadvantages of offering low-cost web design packages

As a freelance web designer, one of the biggest challenges you may face is determining how much to charge for your services. Many freelancers, including myself, are tempted to offer low-cost website packages to attract more clients, but this strategy can have some significant drawbacks. I recently removed my landing page and three-page packages from…

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WordCamp Phoenix 2023 Recap

Cami speaking at WordCamp Phoenix 2023

It’s been ten years since I started attending WordCamps. My first was in Seattle in 2013 and I’ve attended and volunteered most years it’s been held in my community. I am so lucky I’ve been able to branch out and make it to WordCamps outside of my community. I’ve attended both Portland and Sacramento. GoDaddy…

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