WebCami Podcast

Think of this weekly podcast as WebCami storytime, where I simply read some of my favorite blog posts for free, including my own! Topics will center around WordPress, web design, solopreneurship, and tips for running your web design business. The WebCami Podcast is an audiobook of blog posts, but with content from various authors and always with their permission. In addition, I will follow each episode with some thoughts of my own about the topics covered.

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Would you like your blog post to be featured on the WebCami Podcast? Simply provide your information below. Just so you know, this podcast is a solo reading, followed by my reflections, and does not involve an interview. While my feedback is always honest, positive, and inspiring, it will not be subject to your approval. I will let you know if I plan to use your suggestion and share the date so you can share it on your social channels. If you recommend a blog post that you think would be a good fit for my audience, I'll be happy to consider it. In that case, I'll reach out to the author to secure their permission. As one of my listeners, your suggestion will likely be an excellent match, and I appreciate your input. Thank you for your interest!

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