Don’t let your work become your hobby

Photo of a pair of skates

Every web designer needs a hobby. I have long known this deep down, but I haven’t had any hobbies for years. Work is constantly on my mind. I think about my project work, my blog posts to clients, my blog posts here, my workflows, setting up automation, training, client communication, deadlines, etc. It never ends.…

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When it rains, it snows

It’s been very quiet in the cafe since the first Monday of February.  I had this terrific idea to fly home early so I could have a full day of work after a long weekend with Mom and Dad.  I left my parent’s house at 4:15 am in a rental car with bad wipers and…

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It’s better to burn out than to fade away

Hey, hey. My, my. It’s that time of year when I wake up at 4 am just to get an early start on that to-do list that will never end. Clients reach out for help with things they’ve put off until the last minute. Seriously, some I haven’t heard from all year. Things I hoped…

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Must Read: You Are a Badass

There aren’t many books I listen to repeatedly on Audible.  When I do, they are often books about habits and office organization.  Sometimes, though, I need a much more inspirational message.  One that isn’t just for my work life, but my whole life. You Are a Badass – How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness and…

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Podcasts I love: #HappierLaborDay by Gretchen Rubin

Who’s working on Labor Day?  Well, I forgot to block out my calendar, so I have one phone call scheduled. Still,  I plan on putting my out of office holiday message (even though I’ll be in here).  We aren’t a big Labor Day traveling, camping or get-out-of-town family.  We live by a public beach, so…

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How to be more confident in client meetings

Yesterday, I had a first time client meeting that included a company CFO, the marketing person that recommended me for the job and a graphic designer handling the logo makeover.  As I left the meeting, I had to reflect on the lack of nerves I had during the entire experience.  Just a couple of years…

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