Essential Skills Every WordPress Solopreneur Should Master

As a one-woman show, I understand the joy and challenges of working as a freelancer in web design. While mastering WordPress and being comfortable with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript is crucial, many other skills I’ve found essential along my journey. Let me share some with you today. Understanding Search Engine Optimization (SEO) As a web…

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The hidden disadvantages of offering low-cost web design packages

As a freelance web designer, one of the biggest challenges you may face is determining how much to charge for your services. Many freelancers, including myself, are tempted to offer low-cost website packages to attract more clients, but this strategy can have some significant drawbacks. I recently removed my landing page and three-page packages from…

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Getting work done when you’re tired

Photo of a woman feeling tired at work

I’m exhausted. I have been for several weeks due to circumstances outside my control. However, I’m pushing through my tiredness every day. Maybe you are having difficulty getting to sleep or are tired, too. All of us have days when we feel unmotivated and out of sorts. You can’t go back to sleep when you…

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Reasons to start asking customers for feedback

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If there is one thing I wish I had started doing earlier, it’s asking clients for reviews. Some things that held me back included contemplating questions like, what if they weren’t happy? Or what if they felt I was bugging them? Since I’ve made asking for reviews part of my process, I can say it’s…

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How to keep your clients on track with your project timeline

One of the biggest challenges for any web designer is keeping a client on track with their project timeline. Many clients are unfamiliar with what goes into designing a website and don’t know how long it will take. They may have unrealistic expectations of how quickly their site can be designed or how much work…

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How to manage your clients

Two people having coffee in the mountains

After 19 years of running my own web design business, I can honestly say that nothing has contributed more to my success than the time I’ve spent cultivating relationships with my clients.  Making my clients happy throughout the process of working on a project together is always my goal. I want them to walk away…

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