Lessons from the Holy Grail for Running a Web Design Business

Old chalice on blue clouds background

Last week, I saw “Monty Python and the Holy Grail” for its special 48 1/2 anniversary theater showing. This classic, which I’ve cherished on the small screen for years, came alive in a new way among an audience who could recite every line. I had forgotten that the characters in this film, with their over-the-top antics and surreal adventures, were ‘cosplaying’ through their quest the entire time.

The characters find themselves in a series of absurd, comedic scenarios, often exaggerated and theatrical, causing them to shift their plans to continue their quest.  Like King Arthur and his knights, each day, I embark on a quest fraught with its own challenges in web design. These challenges are my version of the film’s colorful characters: “The Black Knight” of stubborn coding errors that refuse to yield; “The French Taunters” in the form of unreliable hosting services that test my patience; “The Knights Who Say ‘Ni!'” as clients with ever-changing needs, “The Rabbit of Caerbannog” symbolizing sudden, unexpected hacks, and “Tim the Enchanter” as the alluring call of the latest technology tools. Each represents a hurdle on my path to success, demanding resilience, creativity, and a problem-solving mindset.

In 2024, my mission is clear: to embrace new habits that steer my business towards unparalleled efficiency, akin to a well-guarded castle. Through my new HabitsWP newsletter, I plan to share a new habit each week, inviting my readers to join me on this journey toward improvement. Like Authur and Patsy in the film (cue coconuts), we can gallop in unison and embark on this adventure together. These habits are geared towards enhancing productivity, fostering creativity, and nurturing client relationships – the cornerstones of a thriving web design business.

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Cami MacNamara

Cami MacNamara has 20+ years of experience running a small, profitable, one-person web design business, so she can walk her dog whenever she likes. WebCami.com / Twitter / Instagram