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How to change a user password in a mysql database

One of the most frustrating things I remember about learning WordPress was losing my own password and not getting the password reset emails.  I couldn’t log into the site, so I was stuck not knowing how in the world I would get in.  A few Google searches lead to instructions. Here’s a quick video: Login…

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WebCami’s Toolbox: Freshbooks

The first few years of my business, I would buy the newest version of Quickbooks Pro whenever I had to.  This was long before Quickbooks online came to be.  I always found it a pain in the ass to work with and hated how clunky it was.   Someone I met through networking here in Seattle…

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WebCami’s Toolbox: Built With

How many of you have a potential client call and say, “I need someone to take over my WordPress website” only to look at the source code to find that their site is build in Wix, Weebly or Squarespace?  This happens quite often for cold calls I received.  There are a large number of business…

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WebCami’s Toolbox: What’s the Closest Google Font?

If you are like me, Google Fonts is a go-to resources for all websites.  They load on all devices, on mobile and desktop, Mac and PC, are built into most page builders. There is no downside to this.  But clients usually have a style guide with a premium font for their printed materials.  And they…

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WebCami’s Toolbox: GT Metrix

I find myself using almost every single day.  I just ran it on a site that I built for an organization on an entirely volunteer basis.  The site is flunking out on this test because the photos that have been uploaded since I turned over the site have not been scaled.  While I never…

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WebCami’s Toolbox: Zoom

I have to say, I’ve warmed up to using video conferencing for clients. My main concern has been that most of my clients aren’t computer savvy and they might feel intimidated trying to set something up for a chat. In the past, it’s been tough to find a program that the client could use easily…

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