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My experience at WordCamp US 2019

Freshly on two feet, I was more than just a little bit excited to hop on a plane and join the GoDaddy team at WordCamp US in St. Louis last week.  After all, I had missed a trip to the Leadership Summit in August, missed a conference in Florida, missed visiting my parents, missed my…

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GoDaddy Roadshow, Part Two

After a couple of days at home following my first GoDaddy Roadshow, I packed it all up again and headed out for part two.  Hello, Iowa! I’m not ashamed to admit it.  I was super excited to visit a state I’d never been to before.  But, as I headed to the airport at 3:50am, I…

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GoDaddy Roadshow, Part One

It’s nice to be back home after spending the week in Arizona visiting GoDaddy. I currently have my laundry in progress because on Monday morning, I’m hitting the road again. Yes, the suitcases are staying out for another GoDaddy adventure. First of all, let me explain what I was doing. A couple of contacts (really,…

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Cafe Convo: WordPress Plugin creation Q&A with Alex Sirota

I recently learned that cafe member Alex Sirota was working on a plugin. I’ve never built a plugin myself and sent him a few questions to answer. Please share your name: Alex Sirota Tell us a bit about yourself: I live in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and I have a family of 4, my wife Alla…

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My experience at WordCamp US 2018

I have been home for three days and struggling with the best way to recap my trip to WordCamp US.  As I was flying home and listening to my latest read on Audible, Atomic Habits, the author James Clear was reflecting on “flow” and what the state of being fully immersed in a task and…

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