You are not alone.


I’m heading to WordCamp US

All my bags aren’t packed I’m not ready to go I’m sittin’ here, clients requesting more I’m so incredibly excited to be leaving tomorrow for Nashville!  Thanks to GoDaddy, I get to be their Web Pro Ambassador again at WordCamp US. It’s been a grueling couple of weeks just making time to fit in this…

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Giving thanks in 2018

I was off the clock yesterday at 5pm and made plans to work on a big project.  I realized that I needed to speed up my plans to update my websites before WordCamp US .  I also realized that since we were invited to dinner at a dear friend’s house today, I didn’t have to cook…

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I found my tribe at GoDaddy!

As many of you know, I spent my weekend being the first GoDaddy Pro Ambassador at WordCamp Seattle.  As a member of the GoDaddy Pro Advisory Council, it was a test run for future GoDaddy customers taking part in sponsor booths at WordCamps to interact with fellow WordCampers and GoDaddy users.  Not only did I…

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Meet the first GoDaddy Pro Ambassador!

It’s me! You might be asking yourself, “What is a GoDaddy Ambassador?”  Well, I’m going to be on Team GoDaddy at WordCamp Seattle.  I’ve got GoDaddy gear to wear and I’ll be working in the GoDaddy booth.  I plan to share with other designers and developers how I use the GoDaddy Pro tools to help…

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The true power of Giver’s Gain

Many years  ago, a fellow member of BNI asked me to help out with a organization she was on a board for.  It would be a total volunteer job.  I remember thinking to myself, “I’m so busy.  I should say no.” But,  I didn’t.  I said yes. Over the course of my time interacting with…

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Breaking your routine isn’t the end of the world

I struggle with the mentality that if I don’t do what I said I was going to do, I’ve failed.  Two weeks ago, this site went down for more than four days.  It really had me off my game.  When things came back online, I was so busy restoring client sites, backing up my own…

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