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GoDaddy Managed WordPress hosting now allowing PHP 7 upgrades

This weekend while I was poking around in a client’s GoDaddy account (auditing renewal dates for him) I was pleased to see that an option appeared to upgrade the PHP version for his Managed WordPress hosting.  One of the downsides of GoDaddy Managed WordPress hosting was that it was PHP version 5.6 and security support…

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Create your own reusable WordPress installation for each new project

I have to admit, I never took this idea to full implementation until my dear friend and colleague, Ann Marie Gill suggested it.  I had always installed WordPress, then loaded in my favorite themes and plugins one at a time.  I thought that connecting to and having my favorite plugins handy was all I…

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Plugin Plug: Webcraftic Disable Admin Notices Individually

Dashboard notifications have been driving me crazy.  For the most part, they are harmless, but occasionally they are exposing my sources for client services if any of my clients login to their sites.  Namely, since ManageWP and GoDaddy became one in the same, I see this lovely message on the top of client dashboards: This…

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Why I Design Websites On WordPress

I remember when I first started adding blogs on for my clients.  It was around 2007.  At that time, I was creating websites from scratch.  Coding in HTML, CSS and Javascript with each website built as a custom design. “Blog” on the menu was an outside link.  A had a couple of clients that…

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Why I just say no to ThemeForest themes

ThemeForest seems like a great idea.  A huge website selling WordPress themes.  I know when I first got started, I was like a kid in a candy store browsing all the different themes to choose from.  Some were so cool and versatile.  I have purchased 17 themes from ThemeForest since 2010.  How many clients are…

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