GoDaddy Managed WordPress hosting now allowing PHP 7 upgrades

This weekend while I was poking around in a client’s GoDaddy account (auditing renewal dates for him) I was pleased to see that an option appeared to upgrade the PHP version for his Managed WordPress hosting.  One of the downsides of GoDaddy Managed WordPress hosting was that it was PHP version 5.6 and security support is ending for it in December.  Now you can upgrade to 7.0., 7.1 or 7.2.

Lately, many of my plugin updates have been failures in ManageWP and I’m hoping that these upgrades to the PHP version help with that.  I’ve been looking all over for a press release from GoDaddy about this change, but so far, no luck.  I’m uncertain when this happened since I switched my own hosting accounts to MDD this summer.  It has to be fairly recent.  I have over a hundred clients in Managed WordPress hosting and this weekend was the first time I saw this option.

I have a lot of client accounts to get upgraded in the next few weeks!  Have you found this message in the Managed WordPress hosting panel?

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