Why you should refresh your website design

I’m sure you noticed, both WebCami.com and WebCami Cafe got a new look over the holidays.  It has become a holiday tradition for me to hold up in my office for three days or more and completely blow up my website design.  This year, I made the most dramatic changes I’ve made in years and changed my color palette.  I gave everything a set of fresh eyes.

It all started with Sticker Mule.  I ordered die-cut stickers to send out with my holiday cards and as they were laying around my desk, I just felt like I wanted to see that same look on my logo. I popped into Photoshop and with my limited skills, I changed up my logo.  After that, the website just wouldn’t do.

Why do I do this each year?

I want my website to shine to potential clients.  This year, I did some oppo-research and looked at competitor sites. I realize that red is super popular in my area and decided it was time to change things up.  The color palette I chose is straight off the paint colors in my office.  I have basically had a similar color scheme since 2010.  I love the change.

I don’t want to look OLD.  Ha-ha!  That isn’t just true for my website! I want to have a modern look at my website at all times because that’s what I want to build. I want to attract new clients that also want a modern design.

I’m getting better skills with Beaver Builder.  I started using Beaver Builder in the fall of 2016 and I still feel like I’m mastering it.  I had seen a header like the one I created for my website online and wanted to challenge myself with creating something similar.  Testing myself and learning new things makes me a better designer for my clients.

I’m mortified by my old web designs.  As I learn more, I feel like what I have online is not showcasing my business in the best light possible. Since I’m selling web design, I can’t stand it if my own website makes me cringe.

Why I think every web designer should update their website every 1-2 years

Too many times we rely on the old saying, “if it’s not broke, don’t fix it”.  But we don’t want our clients to have that philosophy.  We want them to come to us before it’s broken.  This is simply a case of taking your own advice. And it’s a great conversation starter with your clients.

Things you can do to your website every 1-2 years:

  • Refresh your colors
  • Apply new design techniques
  • Keep your page load speed down
  • Ditch old themes for new ones
  • Refresh your text and your services (and pricing)
  • Add new forms with automation
  • Update your reviews

If you haven’t redesigned your website design in more than three years, take a hard look at it.

The biggest question to ask yourself is “Is this the kind of website I’d be proud to create for a new client?” – if the answer is no, it’s time to hire yourself for a total redesign!

RESOURCES:  Sumy Designs – How Often Should I Redesign My Website? (Hey, I know her! Cafe regular, Amy Masson)

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