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I loved the Pee Wee Herman Show.  I even had my own mini stuffed Chairy puppet when my son was a kid.  Yes, the birth of a child was my “reason” for needing that.  Remember when PeeWee would say, “If you love it so much, why don’t you marry it?” – That’s how I feel about Calendly.

Calendly works with Google (Outlook and iCloud, too) and allows you to send a link to your clients to schedule an appointment with you.  No more emailing back and forth several times before you find a time you can get together.  They see your open times and pick what works.  Occasionally, nothing works and we go back to the old method of comparing schedules, but 95% of the time it works great.

This is my Calendly page. I have three appointment types.

Some features of Calendly:

  • Works with your Google, Outlook, Office 365 or iCloud calendar
  • Embedding your Calendly page on your website is easy (although I don’t do this myself)
  • Add padding before or after your events
  • Cap the number of meetings each day
  • Send reminders to clients

Clients can see the days I’m open on the first screen.

You can try it for free for one appointment type.  I did this for about a week before I decided it was something I couldn’t live without.  I’m only paying $8 a month to save tons of time.

After they open up the date, they see the times I’m available.

I keep my calendar under wraps because I don’t want strangers booking time with me before I screen them.  I just share my Calendly link via email and the rest takes care of itself.

I’d love to know what scheduling method you use and how it’s working for you.  Share that on our Facebook group.

RESOURCES: Forbes – Most Effective Ways To Manage Your Calendar When Scheduling Clients

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