Don’t be afraid to be who you are as a business owner

Earlier this month, GoDaddy changed their profile pic to include the rainbow flag, commonly known as the gay pride flag or LGBT pride flag, on their Facebook page.  This posting created quite a lot of comment activity from people that don’t support gay rights and on the flip side, strong support from those that praised the move.  I’m sure GoDaddy’s statement wasn’t just about the LGBT community as a whole, but also a show of support for their employees that are part of the LGBT community.  Here’s why GoDaddy inspired me to RAINBOW MY LOGO for the month of June:

  • I operate my business in a city with a large LGBT community.
  • A large portion of my clients are part of that community.
  • Many of my personal friends and fellow colleagues are part of that community.
  • I support that community.
  • I want my community to know I support the LGBT community.

Although many articles can be found online that will say stay out of politics as a business owner, sometimes I think that is too rigid a rule to live by.  In today’s world, everything has a political spin.  Homelessness, tax laws, immigration, feeding people, legalized weed, gender identity, global warming, women’s rights, school teacher pay, I could go on for days.

Showing my support for gay pride month isn’t about politics for me.  It’s about letting my LGBT clients, friends and those in my community know I support their rights.  If #LoveWins, so do I.

What I’m not going to do is get on a soapbox and lecture my clients. I’m simply going to RAINBOW MY LOGO and let that speak for itself in the month of June.

And to anyone that may not call my business for a quote simply because I have a rainbow logo, well, I’ve screened them well.  It probably wouldn’t be a good fit for me, anyway.

RESOURCES: Adweek – Majority of Consumers Want Brands to Take a Stand on Social and Political Issues, According to New Study


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