How to be more confident in client meetings

Yesterday, I had a first time client meeting that included a company CFO, the marketing person that recommended me for the job and a graphic designer handling the logo makeover.  As I left the meeting, I had to reflect on the lack of nerves I had during the entire experience.  Just a couple of years ago, I would have had serious stress preparing for this meeting and hidden panic when speaking.  I would have grilled my colleagues on what I should focus on, what I should wear and how much technical information I should share.  Four years earlier, I was in a similar meeting with another big contracting company. I was so uncomfortable but did get through it with an “I’m faking it ’til I make it” motto.  I didn’t enjoy the experience and even though I landed the job, I was very insecure and believed deep down I was out of my league.

What’s different now? My confidence level and my preparedness.  That’s it.  I have more confidence in selling my services and I know my shit. Most importantly, I have processes to back it up.

Here’s how I prepare for meetings and stay confident:

  • I get as much discovery done before a meeting as I can.  Any new client I meet/work with MUST fill out my project application.  If they don’t, it’s a red flag and I don’t work with them.  If someone can’t fill out an online form, it’s likely they can’t figure out how to send website content either.
  • I do my homework with the information they give me.  I review their website, run it through, Built With and Whois.   I also review the competitors they’ve listed, websites they like and everything they’ve shared.  I print sheets and put in a folder with their company name on it.  I look prepared.
  • I have a plan in mind for their website, but I describe the details in generic, non- techie terms.
  • I let them do most of the talking and I listen.  I really listen to the customer.
  • I leave early for the meeting. Yesterday, I was 40 minutes early to my appointment.  I stopped at a coffee shop nearby to review my notes.
  • I get to the appointment location 5 minutes early.  I once had a client tell me, “if you’re on time, you’re late”.  Be early.  I thought this was good advice.
  • I lay off the coffee.  Only one cup that morning so I’m not too amped-up.
  • I remind myself I’m good at what I do.  I believe I have the experience that to help them reach their web design goals.  But if I don’t feel like I’m right for the job, I trust my gut.  I never get in over my head.

Being prepared and having a system for meeting preparation will help you have more successful meetings.  Your confidence will shine through.

Have you ever been nervous at a client meeting?  What has helped you conquer your meeting nerves?  What do you do to prepare for client meetings?

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