Keep Training! Profitable Project Plan Has Opened Enrollment for 2020

Updated on February 3rd, 2020

It’s been nearly two years since I completed the Profitable Project Plan training by Jennifer Bourn. It’s only been about a full year of having it implemented and I wanted to update this post to reflect what the training has done for me.

Last year, my sales revenue increased by 30% because my productivity increased. The systems I learned in PPP kept my business moving along with lots of travel and a broken limb in 2019. I was able to customize it to fit my own voice and modify it where I needed to. It’s a very flexible program with a strong foundation that will make you a more confident business owner.

Jennifer is opening enrollment to a new and improved course with much more to offer in February. It’s now a 10-month course and has expanded to include more videos, handouts, worksheets, etc. I plan to take this new course as an alumnus. I know there is so much more I can learn from Jennifer.

If you want to sign up, don’t hesitate. JUST DO IT!  You won’t be sorry.  Here’s a link to enroll.

Original Post: July 6th, 2018

From January through April of this year, I took Jennifer Bourn’s Profitable Project Plan training. I have to say, it’s been one of the best things I have done for my business in terms of learning to onboard my clients in a consistent way. I’ll admit, I’m still implementing everything I learned, but it’s making such a huge difference already. While I had a system in place, it wasn’t nearly this thorough and I didn’t have consistent, scheduled communication with my clients while we worked on their projects. I first met Jennifer at her workshop at WordCamp Seattle in November. Her topic was Clarity Breeds Opportunity – Brand Communication Tactics Workshop. Another attendee, Jocelyn Mozak recommended that I check out the Profitable Project Plan.  She had completed it and got a lot of it. Both Jocelyn and Jennifer were people I only knew online until last year. I’m so glad I crossed paths with both of them at WordCamp and enrolled in this course.

Profitable Project Plan is billed as “a complete client management system for those selling WordPress websites” and it lives up to that claim.

Here’s what stood out for me in this training:

  • Template out your emails and schedule them as you move through phases in your design process
  • Schedule more calls with clients at milestones in the process
  • Steer the ship the whole time
  • Stay on top of communication
  • Investing time in developing your emails and flow of information will pay off by saving a ton of time in the long run

Most importantly, I was able to adapt this to fit my own style. I work on 20-30 projects at a time, all the time.  This system has helped me feel so much more in control. I rewrote the email templates in my own voice, eliminated some and added new ones.  It all worked in the end because the master plan was solid.  You get a beautiful manual (I had it printed in color at Staples), lots of content you can use and share with your clients (but not with others), a great Facebook group with other students.  The courses are weekly on Zoom with a live Q&A session, but everything is recorded if you can’t make it.  There are also a couple of implementation weeks to get stuff done.

If you are feeling like your system needs an overhaul, or if you don’t have one, check out Jennifer’s course.  She’s offering special pricing through July 16th, 2018.

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