WebCami’s Toolbox: Mixmax

While I’m on vacation, I’m reminded how great it is to be able to schedule emails. As I’m prepping to leave this week, I’m also scheduling a few emails to go out as I depart so I don’t have to do it when I’m rushing to get ready.

I learned about Mixmax about a year ago through a colleague. Prior to finding it, I had been using a free version of Boomerang to schedule emails. Boomerang sends emails back to you as a reminder to deal with them and allows you to schedule your sends. This just added more to my already out of control mailbox.  Both of these options are GMAIL/G SUITE add-ons, which I have decided to build business management around.

Here are the features as listed on the Mixmax  website:

  • Know exactly who opens your email and when
  • With one-click scheduling, book meetings in one email instead of ten. Your guest picks a time right in the email, and we do the rest. No more back and forth. No double bookings.
  • Create the perfect email with one-click templates
  • Write now, send later

I don’t use the scheduling feature because I use Calendly, but the rest of it I can’t live without now.

Here’s how Mixmax can work for you:

  • Know if a client receives an important email. If you see they haven’t opened your email, you can check with them to make sure it didn’t go to spam.
  • Template things you tell clients often. This is priceless for status updates when you are building new sites. I have over 30 emails prepared for this purpose.
  • Answer your clients emails after hours and schedule them for regular business hours. No one needs to know you’re working late or up early. This is so important when training them to respect your regular work hours.

I find that their last option, right now, send later, is the one that matters the most to me.  I’m not available 24/7 and I try to keep my email returns during my working hours just so clients realize if they email me at 7pm, they aren’t getting a response until the next day.

What tools do you use to manage emails?  Please share with us on Facebook.

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