Plugin Plug: Webcraftic Disable Admin Notices Individually

Dashboard notifications have been driving me crazy.  For the most part, they are harmless, but occasionally they are exposing my sources for client services if any of my clients login to their sites.  Namely, since ManageWP and GoDaddy became one in the same, I see this lovely message on the top of client dashboards:

click to enlarge photo and read message

This message is a dead giveaway for the plugin that I’m using for my care plans and I’m actually paying to white label it. I have it set to hide the plug in altogether, but if the plugin becomes deactivated for any reason, this message appears.

I have a solution!  Using the Webcraftic Disable Admin Notices Individually plugin, I’m able to disable this message one by one:

click to enlarge photo and read message

This should help me keep my sources to myself but also give my clients that do their own updates a cleaner, less confusion dashboard.

Do you have a solution for this?  Please share so we can compare!

RESOURCES:  How to Add Custom Admin Notices in WordPress

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