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There are several topics that can be difficult to convey to a client and propagation is most definitely one of them!  Propagation is “the spreading of something” and in the case of web design, it refers to the time it takes for DNS (domain name server) changes to fully resolve.  This can occur when a website is first launched or moved from one host to the other.  Anytime you are changing DNS, you and your client need to wait for those changes to move through the internet.

I have found that just explaining this, or showing them A record changes online, doesn’t get this point across like seeing it happen does.  That’s where ShotSherpa comes in.

After entering a URL, the visitor can see how the site is rendering across the globe.

A view of ShotSherpa showing a website view around the world

Do you have trouble explaining the concept of propagation to your clients?  I hope this helps if you do.  Do you use a different tool for this purpose?  If so, please share!

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