Week 3: Working with a broken ankle

I am weary.  I’m still in my PJs on a Sunday morning because I’m too tired to get dressed.  I’m tired of knocking the paint off of my baseboards with my knee scooter, accidentally running over my good foot, not being about to just WALK to the kitchen, not cooking my food, not doing my own laundry, not going on walks, not driving my car, and the list goes on and on.  I miss having two good feet.

This week I expected to make more strides in my recovery.  I expected my workflow to increase.  Instead, I was busy with life events that were even more challenging to navigate with a broken ankle.  I was reminded that taking things for granted is never a good idea.

I am due into the doctor on Monday for word on surgery and I’m just hoping it’s out of the question.

Wins this week:

  • I did launch another site this week!  That felt good.
  • I also prepared a proposal and pitched it to a potential client.  That also felt good.
  • My BNI group friends were very helpful to me this week in so many ways.  It’s really so much more than a business group for me.


  • My inbox has over 600 emails in it.  That never feels good.
  • I’m behind in wrapping up several projects.
  • I’m behind in invoicing.
  • BNI admin has been a huge pain in the ass for me.  I love my business group and the people, but I’ve been pushing paper and doing data entry when I feel like work is more important.

This is a pretty short recap this week because I just don’t have the energy to do more.

I guess for anyone reading this that is also going through a big injury as a freelancer, I would say:

  • There isn’t constant improvement each week.  You will have weeks that you feel less productive than the week before.
  • You will feel more frustrated than you did the week before.
  • If anything else happens that perhaps impacts your life, you will feel even more pressure and strapped for time.  And frankly, just completely exhausted.
  • It’s okay to rest.  You are still healing.

I’m hoping that my appointment tomorrow will turn around my ‘meh’ attitude and next week will be better. Fingers crossed!

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