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I’m heading to WordCamp US

All my bags aren’t packed
I’m not ready to go
I’m sittin’ here, clients requesting more

I’m so incredibly excited to be leaving tomorrow for Nashville!  Thanks to GoDaddy, I get to be their Web Pro Ambassador again at WordCamp US.

It’s been a grueling couple of weeks just making time to fit in this trip.  I don’t know about you, but November/December is my crunch time.  Most clients want to finish up.  Those that are super organized are looking ahead to 2019.  Those that are super unorganized are emailing for new websites by the end of the year.   In my Dr. Evil voice, “RIGHT.”

I have had very little time to think about the fact that I’m going to WordCamp US!  Here are a few things I’m looking forward to:

  • Meeting the Genesis community.  Brian Gardner and Sridhar Katakam will both be attending.  Genesis was such a huge part of my business growth.  I do hope to meet them both.
  • Hanging out with people I’ve taken courses from.  Jennifer Bourn and Erin Flynn are both going and I can’t wait to see Jennifer and meet Erin for the first time.
  • Seeing my Seattle friends there.  Bob Dunn, looking forward to chatting with ya!
  • Seeing my online friends there that I only see at WordCamps!
  • Meeting the rest of the Beaver Builder team!
  • Seeing other GoDaddy Advisory Council members.  Some I haven’t seen in person since the Summit.  This will be so much better than Zoom!
  • Hanging with the GoDaddy Tribe.  I honestly can’t wait to hang out with this group again.  I had so much fun in Seattle.  It never felt like work for me.

Oh, and it’s my first time to visit Nashville!  Please share your favorite places downtown I can’t miss.  And review the sessions list and tell me what I shouldn’t miss.

So, I must get back to packing.  I will be posting on FB and Twitter all weekend!  Bye, ya’ll!

RESOURCES:  WordCamp US Sessions


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Cami MacNamara has been designing websites since 2002 from her home office in Seattle, Washington. Her career started as a way to be a stay-at-home mom. Certification soon followed and persistence paid off. Cami has designed over 400 websites and wants to share what she learned along the way. Look for her at WordCamp Seattle. Follow: / Twitter / Instagram