Must Read: Organize Tomorrow Today

My summertime dog walks have been a great time to listen to Audible.  I’m always looking for tips on getting more productive and effective with my daily processes. Organize Tomorrow Today has been a book I’ve returned to again and again.

The book offers eight ways to retrain your mind to optimize performance at work and life.  You aren’t supposed to try to use all eight tips at once, but to choose ONE of the methods and apply it to your life.  The most widely used option is also the book title.  Organize tomorrow today.  Simply plan your next day before your current day ends.  The process of doing this puts your plan of action in your mind and when you sleep that night, you will be going over your plan in your sleep.  It’s recommended that you not wait until 4:55pm to do this, but to tackle it mid-afternoon so you don’t get sidetracked by the end of day rush.

Since I use a daily work journal, this is something I have just started to add to that document.  I had previously just been jotting it down on a pad of paper in my office.  Writing is proven to make things stick better in your mind, but having it on my daily work journal.

The other techniques include:

  • Choose Wisely
  • Maximize Your Time
  • Win Your Fight-Thrus
  • Evaluate Correctly
  • Learn How to Talk to Yourself
  • Learn How to Talk With Others
  • Become Abnormal

This book is a great listen and I feel like I might be ready to try another technique.  Curious if any of you have read this book?  Do tell!

RESOURCES: Dr. Jason Selk (his homepage has a nice design!)

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