WebCami Cafe’s year in review: 2018


I can’t believe almost an entire year has passed since I launched this little website.  I have found such joy working on blog posts and interacting with everyone online. Most of all, I’ve loved seeing the community interaction that we’ve had with each other.   Time with we have been able to help each other with an issue have made my days!

Highlights in 2018:

  1. This is my 78th published blog post in the cafe!  Short of my goal of two per week, but I’m happy I knew when I needed to adjust and crank out a little bit less.  Quality over quantity!
  2. I grew from ONE follower (two are me) to 37.  This is without any active advertising or promotion.  I want a full year under my belt before I do that.
  3. I’ve been able to connect people that didn’t know each other previously and I felt those of us that know each other have been able to grow our friendships.

My top viewed posts were:


Thanks, GoDaddy!  I got some help on these articles from GoDaddy social channels and employees.

What’s planned for 2019?

  1. Just one blog post a week.  I neglected my business site last year and plan to post there once a week, too.  I have my work cut out for me!
  2. Some promotion is coming on both Facebook and through Google in February.  I wanted content I could fall back on first.  I’m feeling good about that.
  3. Those member interviews!  I want to highlight our members and share what we can all learn from them.

I just have to thank you all for participating in my experiment.  I so enjoy your company and support as fellow designers.  Here’s to a new year for all of us!

Do you recap you year on your blog?  If you do, please share it in our Facebook group.  I did a different recap for my business website to share with clients, too!

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