WebCami Cafe’s year in review: 2019


Highlights in 2019:

  1. This is my 110th published blog post in the cafe.  My goal this year is two posts a month.
  2. We added 10 new members to our group  (47).  I may never do any advertising.  I like it small.
  3. We continue to see support in our group.  I love that!

My top viewed posts were:

Biggest highlights of 2019:

  • I created a client payment plan and changed how clients pay me.  The payoff?  A 30% increase in revenue.  NOT KIDDING.  My best year in business EVER.
  • I was on the Women In WP podcast.  I had such a good time and love this group of powerful ladies so much.
  • I traveled to three GoDaddy call centers.
  • I reprised my role as GoDaddy Pro Ambassador at WordCamp US and WordCamp Seattle.
  • I was referenced on the GoDaddy blog and Twitter account a couple of times this year.


What’s planned for 2020?

  • Continue to encourage connection at WebCami Cafe. It’s great to see members use each other for services and help with issues.
  • Do more guest blogging and ask for guest blogging here. Is anyone interested? Please let me know!
  • Four visits to see my parents planned this year
  • A makeup trip to NOLA

Did you recap your year on your business site or blog? Please share. Below is my 2019 client update. I’d love to read yours!

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Cami MacNamara

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