What services to offer in web design

What services to offer in web design is one of the most important decisions you are going to make as you start your business.  Seventeen years ago, I was uncertain what my role was as a business owner and really let the customer dictate what my services were.  I was building custom HTML, CSS and Javascript websites. Moreover, clients would always ask for much more than we agreed on.

Here were some of my answers to requests I routinely received from clients:

  • Need more than just a website? I got ya!
  • A business card design?  Sure thing!
  • Need help with Word?  Well, it’s not my main thing, but okay!
  • Can I fix your current site?  Maybe? Let me try!
  • So, you need help with Outlook? I don’t use it but I’ll investigate for you.

My answer was always, “YES”.  This became a huge problem.  Mostly, I was not doing what I enjoyed doing the most.  Designing websites. In 2010, I joined a BNI group and got some wonderful advice from fellow business owners.  Become an expert in one thing.  Refer work to others that you don’t want to do or aren’t an expert in.  At that time, I narrowed my services building websites using WordPress.  In fact, I even went so far as to say, I only build websites with WordPress and the Genesis Framework.

I could then give answers with a referral partner in mind:

  • Need a logo?  Meet my most trusted partner, Lindsay!
  • Need copy written for your site?  Here’s Keith’s number!
  • Is your computer not running right?  Dwight is amazing!
  • Looking for help with social media?  Lauren is awesome!

Allowing myself to refer to others has helped me focus on my own services and training to support what I want to offer, not what the customer demands. And those referral partners, in turn, referred web design to me.

I’m happy to say my services are all things I love to offer now:

  • WebCami builds websites using WordPress and Beaver Builder
  • I perform design maintenance on websites that I’ve built
  • WebCami offers care plan services for websites I’ve built
  • I offer on-page SEO on a limited basis for websites I’ve built
  • I now offer reseller hosting on a limited basis for websites I’ve built

While I can’t tell you exactly what services you should offer yourself, I can tell you to make sure you love providing those solutions. I can also tell you to be very clear with your clients about what those services are and are not, from the very beginning of a project.

Clarity about your services leads your clients down the path you want to take them on.  Never let your client take you down a path of services you don’t enjoy offering or don’t feel comfortable with.

RESOURCES:  Neil Patel – Are You Losing Sales By Giving Customers Too Many Choices?

About WebCami

Cami MacNamara has been designing websites since 2002 from her home office in Seattle, Washington. Her career started as a way to be a stay-at-home mom. Certification soon followed and persistence paid off. Cami has designed 500+ websites and wants to share what she learned along the way. Look for her at WordCamp Seattle. Follow: WebCami.com / Twitter / Instagram