Tips for attending online WordPress meetups


I’ve been attending so many online WordPress meetups since the pandemic started.  I feel like I’m a pro at it now!  I just wanted to share a quick blog post on the tricks I use to get the most out of online group meetings.

  • Most meetings start with introductions so make sure you’ve practiced your elevator speech.  Who you are and what you do in a couple of sentences.  Being respectful of everyone’s time is important.  Keep it under one minute.
  • Use two screens. I was late to the game on this but it’s vital for saving links/taking notes and still being present in the meeting.
  • Sign in to to save favorites when people mention plugins.  This is a great way to remember the tips people share with you.  
  • Create a bookmark in your browser for tips that aren’t a plugin or WordPress related.  These meetings are full of great tips.
  • When you mention or share a tool or plugin you can’t live without, have a link ready to share in the chat.
  • Have a headshot on your static screensaver.  
  • Liven things up with a fun background. I’ve been using The Breakfast Club for months.   I also have a Godzilla, a bar, and a Laverne & Shirley background.
  • Be upright.  This sounds obvious, but people are always showing up lounging, sometimes in bed.  Remember, you’re in a meeting! You wouldn’t show up in-person in your PJs, would you?
  • Speaking of camera placement, the best angle is slightly above eye level.  Looking down is never your best look. 
  • Finally, be mindful of pronouns.  Some may share their preferred pronouns in their display name, but if someone doesn’t, “they/them” is always the best fallback. 

I hope you’ll sign up to attend a WordPress meet up in your area or ANYWHERE you want to! While things are closed for in-person meetings right now, the opportunities are abundant to connect with other WordPress enthusiasts around the world through online Zoom meetings.


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Cami MacNamara

Cami MacNamara has been designing websites since 2002 from her home office in Seattle, Washington. Cami has designed 500+ websites, manages over 200 sites in her care plans, and wants to share what she learned along the way. Look for her at WordCamp Seattle. / Twitter / Instagram
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