Week 7: Working with a broken ankle


This series is going to end soon, I promise!

I’m sitting in my local Starbucks for the first time since August.  How I love the smell of a coffee shop! I don’t recognize the group that’s here today.  I’m usually a morning regular. The view is amazing and I have my leg propped up.  It’s so nice to be out of the house.  I’ve been feeling like a caged animal.

I’m progressing.  Still in pain but I’ve lost a crutch.  This week, I ordered a foot pedaler to use under my desk. My PT friend told me it would be good to move my foot around while I’m working to keep the swelling down.  It seriously looks like a football player’s leg at the end of the day.

This week, I tackled some of the items I felt were getting ignored last week:

  • I got my recurring revenue sheet partially updated
  • I got a lot of admin done and clients billed
  • I finally got my client list imported into Mailchimp (and started their paid plan)  I’m tagging, too.  Thanks to the great training from Amy Hall, I’m mastering my Mailchimp to start using it regularly!
  • I got my emails down to 200.  This is pretty much my ZERO inbox

I didn’t get to my business group catch-up, but as the outgoing VP, I did get the training done with my replacement.

I got one new client signed and got three great leads.  Tomorrow, I’ll be working on proposals.  And I will be using Bidsketch for the first time.  It feels good to keep landing new clients.

Like you, I’m sure, I’m looking forward to getting out of the broken ankle updates.  I’m hoping I am in the final stages of the healing process.  Or a least the last bit of my “no walking unassisted” phased.

Next week:  TWO SHOES.

RESOURCES: Ankle Rehabilitation: Phase 1


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