What is Beaver Builder and why do I love it so much?

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This is a long-overdue blog post about Beaver Builder, the page builder/theme I use for all my web design services.  I first have to thank Ann Marie Gill for urging me to purchase Beaver Builder in 2016.  At the time, Genesis was my go-to theme package for all projects.  But, Beaver Builder has changed my life as a web designer.  And, my clients absolutely love it.  Page builders sometimes catch a lot of flack in our WordPress community.  This post is my love letter to Beaver Builder.

What is Beaver Builder?

Beaver Builder describes itself as a “drag-and-drop page builder that lets you easily create drag-and-drop page layouts, all from a front-end view of your site and without touching a line of code”.

I know, you are asking, “But Cami, I’m a web designer. I know how to code.” That’s the beauty of Beaver Builder.

You can add your own code and get the website looking exactly as you want it, but your client can manage their own website without needing an ounce of coding knowledge.  That is a win-win!

Their demo video gives a great overview of how Beaver Builder works:

Before I was introduced to Beaver Builder, I had worked with WPBakery and the Divi theme in the course of my career.  Both of those left me frustrated and were difficult for my clients to work with. Neither replaced my reliance on Genesis themes.  I was skeptical of using Beaver Builder and felt like it was “cheating” for me to use a page builder.  I’m not too proud to admit when I am wrong.  And I was totally off base by assuming Beaver Builder was just like the other page builders I had used in the past.

Why you should use Beaver Builder to build your next website?

Because your clients will love it!  Clients can “click-and-drag” in elements they want to add on their own, or duplicate features you’ve built for them.  For things like recipes and portfolio pages, you can create templates they can reuse.  Using Beaver Themer, you can build theme features for them so they don’t have to think about formatting.

Once you get the hang of using Beaver Builder, you will be more proficient with it and streamline your website building time.  I eased into using the Beaver Builder plugin with Genesis themes.  If you have a favorite theme, you can also use this method.  Beaver Builder is compatible with many themes. I recommend this method of working with Beaver Builder if you already have a set theme system in place. It won’t bring your productivity to a halt.

Also, when clients in old themes ask for a design update, I often install the Beaver Builder plugin to do the job so I can share the ease of use with them. When it’s time to redesign, they already know the benefits of upgrading to the Beaver Builder Framework. I can reference the many pages, rows, and module templates that come with Beaver Builder.

Finally, using Beaver Builder eliminates the need for added plugins.  Using a photo gallery plugin?  No longer needed.  A testimonial plugin?  That’s a module in Beaver Builder.  Gallery sorting plugin?  Content grids are built-in.  The features built into Beaver Builder are expansive and remove the need for additional plugins.

How easy it is to get started with Beaver Builder – no coding required!

I’m going to admit it, without Ann Marie’s help, I would have had a much tougher time getting a grip on using Beaver Builder.  What’s totally great now is that you can get Ann Marie’s help, too.  She has a wonderful course for beginners on how to use Beaver Builder.

 Ann Marie's Course Website Screenshot

Other places I have used to learn Beaver Builder are:

It’s worth it to watch some tutorials, mostly because the possibilities in Beaver Builder are so vast, you might miss something you didn’t know you needed.  The basics are pretty easy to find, but it does help to do some homework.  Once you have the basics down, you’ll be blown away by how easily you can get a design off the ground.

Tools for clients to learn Beaver Builder:

I pay annually for these two plugins for my clients so they have them for reference when working on their own website.

My favorite add-ons to purchase for Beaver Builder

#1 pick – Beaver Themer – This is the true power of Beaver Builder as far as I’m concerned.   This is such an amazing part of the tools provided by Beaver Builder.  You can create your own custom headers and footers and display them on different pages.  You can connect fields to populate content.  The possibilities are limitless.  This video explains it better than I ever could:

And here are tutorials for Beaver Themer.

Other addons I’ve purchased (lifetime) for Beaver Builder

How the builder can help you save time and money on your next project?

I was so happy when I discovered that I could create a Beaver Builder page, row, and module templates and export them out of a site and use them later.  Basically, you can build your own library of designs and use them as starters for a new look.  I did this for years using the simple WordPress import/export tool and then I found the Page Builder Cloud.  This works with more than just Beaver Builder and it’s changed my life forever.  It’s $99 annually and worth every single penny.

Here’s a video showing how it works:

And this tool isn’t just for Beaver Builder. Check out their site here:

What about page speed and Beaver Builder?

Word on the street is that you have to use Gutenberg to get a decent page speed score on Google Lighthouse.

That is the score for on mobile.  That score works for me!  Not all page builders are created equal when it comes to page speed.  Be sure you’re testing your sites. I use GTMetrix most often for my own website speed tests. I’d also like to mention that Beaver Builder works well with WP-Rocket.  That’s my go-to plugin for site speed.

The best part about using this builder for WordPress websites

For me, the best part of using Beaver Builder is that I’m not fighting with a theme design the entire time I’m building a site.  It’s truly my design.  If I want to pull elements from a template, I can.  But I’m not locked into that design either.  I don’t have to code hooks any more. I don’t have to dive into the functions.php file with that code to make things look the way I want them to.

Oh, did I mention that my annual income has increased by over 50% since I purchased Beaver Builder?  That’s proof of my increased productivity.

For my clients, I’m no longer creating a code cheat sheet for them to cut and paste from.  If they want to turn three columns into four, they can just drag in an extra column on their own! We can dramatically change their website look and feel without a theme change.  And it’s so easy for them to learn.

There are a handful of products that have been game-changers for me.  Beaver Builder is one of them.  If you are considering Beaver Builder and want to talk about it, I’m happy to pay it forward, just like Ann Marie did for me.  Just shoot me an email.

Do you use Beaver Builder? Share your experience in our Facebook group.

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