Be a Good Boss to Yourself

Today, I fired my boss.

She’s a real piece of work.  She’s been making me work long days and weekends.  She’s made me miss fun events, and have stacks of laundry pile up.  She’s made me forgetful and burnt out.  She’s a real micromanager.  Worst of all, she’s hurting WebCami Site Design with these ridiculous work hours.

Yes, today I fired myself.

In late April, I found out I was going to be doing some summer traveling for GoDaddy.  I’m so incredibly excited about it. Next week, I’m off to Arizona, then I’m heading to Iowa.  In August, I’m heading back to Arizona.  I’m going to participate in customer service training.  I have to be honest, I don’t have all the details yet, but I’m thrilled to see friends I made at WordCamp Seattle and WordCamp US last year.

The boss in me thought immediately that I somehow needed to work an extra 12 days to make up for the time away.

I thought giving things up for more time would work:

  • The first thing I gave up was working on my own blogging and social media.
  • The second thing I gave up was my calendar scheduling rules.
  • The third thing I gave up with library nights to work on my own business and training. I instead did client work there.
  • The fourth thing to go was my early morning exercise schedule. I would frantically get it in after work or at lunch.
  • And the last thing to go was getting a good night’s sleep. If I couldn’t sleep, I’d just get up and work.  Even at 3 am.

Here’s how I really feel after weeks of thinking I was being productive:

  • I feel disconnected from running my own business because client requests are driving my scheduling.
  • I feel tired all the time. That makes me feel less creative.
  • I feel like I can’t make anyone happy because I’m not happy.
  • I feel like someone that lets things slip through the cracks because I can’t stay on top of the extra work.
  • I even feel like even launching two websites in one day isn’t enough.

Last week, I had an amazing training with Amy Hall for my Mailchimp account.  We started talking business and I shared my calendar techniques with Amy.  She loved them!  She even emailed me that she had been reworking her calendar with my tips in mind.

And, that got me thinking. I need to take my own advice and get back to my own scheduling!  I had completely abandoned the system I know works well for me.  I did it because I thought I could handle doing everything I needed to do when in reality, I needed to do what’s most important.  Immediately, I put myself and my business on the bottom of the list.  I turned into a bad boss.

That all changed today:

  • I had my ME time this morning to journal, walk and have breakfast.  (I didn’t get on the computer at 5am and start working)
  • I printed my daily schedule and created my daily work journal.  I had not done this since early May.
  • I started using my Pomodoro timer.  Did I mention my low back has been killing me?
  • I took the time to review my most important tasks this morning and really consider priorities. Then I scheduled them.
  • I’m taking time now to blog about this so I never forget my own advice again.

We all try to meet excessive expectations as business owners.  Most often, those aren’t coming from our clients. They are coming from that mean, unyielding, a-hole boss inside of us all.

Stand up to your inner bad boss and tell them in your best Johnny Paycheck voice, “Take this job and shove it.  I ain’t working here no more.”

RESOURCES:  The Job Network: 8 things a great boss does for you

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